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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 20, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> the world is watching as saudi arabia claims jamal khashoggi died in a fistfight inside the saudi consulate in istanbul. the kingdom confirming his violent death sparking widespread disbelief as the saudi government struggles to diffuse the growing crisis. welcome to brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm arthel neville. eric: i'm eric shawn. global reaction continues to pour in to the shocking developments. with growing calls for a prompt and thorough investigation. not just by the saudis but by
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the united nations itself with calls for full accountability for those who are held responsible. turkey for its part vowing to reveal the truth, claiming it has those tapes that could be released publicly. german chancellor merkel condemning the killing demanding complete transparency. arthel: fox news team coverage right now with garrett tenney in washington with u.s. reaction, but first we go to benjamin hall in turkey with a look at what else world leaders are saying. benjamin? >> hi, arthel. worldwide skepticism over saudi's statement that came out. not only the fact that it took so long for them to come up with it, 17 days, but also because they don't address a number of key issues, who sent the team to istanbul, where is the body, can they do an autopsy, a lot of questions really still unanswered. we are seeing a gathering number of countries all saying they want a further investigation by the international community. as for the saudi investigation, what they just announced last night on state television is
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that 18 individuals have now been arrested who they are holding responsible for that. of those 18, 15 of them are the same individuals pictured on footage entering istanbul by private jet and then heading to the consulate. what saudi arabia is saying happened that day is that a team had been sent to talk to khashoggi perhaps to rendition him, they haven't made it clear, but whatever it was, this is not sanctioned by the royal family. according to saudi arabia, when khashoggi got to the consulate, he saw men there, a fight ensued, and during that fight, people tried to silence him. he screamed out for help. one of the men put a choke hold around him and strangled him to death. now two high ranking officials have also been implicated. the first is a two star military general who trained in the u.s. and the u.k. a former spokesman for the saudi -- so very high-profile and major figure in saudi
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intelligence. second main person is senior aide and military advisor to the crown prince himself. he claims he kept this away from the prince. the saudis say the full investigation is in fact going to take another month p to complete. they also say that the crown prince himself will now oversee a complete restructuring of saudi intelligence. as for the body, which is the question everyone is asking for, searches are still underway at a forest and farmland outside istanbul. officials claim it may have been removed in suitcases given to a local collaborator to dispose of meaning the saudis don't know where it ended up. why were 15 people sent to the consulate including an autopsy forensic expert. those tach -- those tapes you mentioned, why haven't those come up? just a few hours before the saudi statement came out, the
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king of saudi arabia reached out to president erdogan and there was a conversation between the two about trying to improve relations moving forward. the bigger question of course how do the relations with the u.s. move forward from here? will they be affected in the long run? arthel? arthel: benjamin hall, thank you. eric: in washington, the saudi version of events drawing major skepticism from lawmakers op both sides of the aisle. senator graham saying we should, quote, sanction the hell out of saudi arabia until the crown prince is removed from power. the president saying he finds the explanation to how he died to be quote credible. but the paper is insisting on further investigation. the washington post saying in a statement quote president trump, congress and the leaders of the civilized world should demand and see verifiable evidence. the saudis cannot be allowed to fabricate a face-saving solution to an atrocity that appears to have been directed be i the highest levels of their government. -- to be directed by the highest levels of their government.
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garrett tenney has more. the president had a rally this afternoon. he did touch on the investigation during it. what did he say? >> he said he will be speaking with crown prince mohammed bin salman very soon about khashoggi's death even possibly speaking to him today. the president says he wants to know exactly what happened to khashoggi and is concerned the saudis don't know where his body is. as he did yesterday, president trump stressed that the latest explanation from the kingdom that khashoggi was killed in a fistfight inside the embassy is an important first step to getting answers and also reiterated that while he is open to the u.s. taking action against saudi arabia, he is firmly against the idea of cancelling the 110 billion dollars arms deal he made with the kingdom last year. >> not satisfied until we find the answer, but it was a big first step. it was a good first step. but i want to get to the answer. with all of that being said, though, we have 450 billion
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dollars, 110 billion of which is a military order, but this is equipment and various things ordered from saudi arabia, 450 billion dollars. i think it is over a million jobs. that's not helpful for us to cancel an order like that. that hurts us far more than it hurts them. >> the president also said he wants to work with congress and thinks it is important to keep them involved on this issue, though, clearly there is some disagreement over exactly what the u.s. response should look like. eric? eric: as we noted, members of congress, they are having none of it. what do they say? >> law makers are suggesting a wide variety of responses the u.s. should take, everything from sanctions to cutting off ties with the kingdom all together. this latest explanation by the saudis has only further fuelled the growing calls from lawmakers in both parties for the u.s. to take some kind of action, though. senator graham has been one of the most outspoken on this issue. last night he tweeted this: to say that i'm skeptical of the new saudi narrative about mr. khashoggi is an
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understatement. first we were told that mr. khashoggi supposedly left the consulate and there was blanket denial of any saudi involvement. now a fight breaks out and he's killed in the conflict all without knowledge of crown prince? it is hard to find this latest explanation as credible. today on fox news, democratic senator ben cardin cautioned that while the u.s. has to respond, saudi arabia remains one of the u.s.'s most important allies in the middle east. >> what happened with the saudi leadership here is certainly very very troublesome. there's got to be consequences to it. but let's be strategic as to how we use this. let's see how the investigation is completed. but the united states needs to show international leadership to let the saudis know that this type of conduct cannot continue. >> given the growing wave of calls for u.s. action, congressional leaders believe something will happen. but at this point with so many unanswered questions lingering about khashoggi's death, the extent of that response is still very much in the air.
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eric? eric: garrett, thank you. arthel: right now we're bringing in former cia station chief daniel hoffman. he served in moscow, iraq and pakistan, also a fox news contributor. good to see you, daniel. thank you. >> you too. arthel: if i may, i want to start with a statement from an interview i did earlier with ambassador, a former u.s. ambassador to bahrain. let's listen. >> the only people who know, know anything are the people who were in the room with jamal khashoggi. and they are not talking. so until they talk, everything else is just speculation and spin. and so, you know, it's frustrating, but we don't have the facts. the only other way we could possibly know is if the turks have a tape of what happened in that room, which they claim they do but they haven't released it. arthel: couple things, first of all, do u.s. intelligence agents and the trump administration possibly know more than they're currently letting on?
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and if the turks have videotape or audio, should the president demand if he can -- demand that they hand it over? >>i think it would have been the highest priority for our intelligence community to collect all the available intelligence about what happened inside that consulate. there are so many unanswered questions. but it's not just the consulate. it extends back to riyadh because as it's been pointed out, we don't know who gave the orders for these 15 saudis in travel to the consulate. it's suspected that it was mohammed bin salman, but we don't know that for sure. the turks for sure have intelligence collection on the consulate. i suspect there's an audiotape, and i suspect that there's other reporting as well. arthel: why are they holding on to it? >> that's a good question. i think they are probably allowing the saudis to understand that they have this audiotape and allowing the saudi government to get to the point
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where they should with some transparency about what happened fully cognizant that they could release this tape, if needed. it's a bit of leverage to try to induce the saudis to show some transparency would be my best guess. arthel: daniel, you mentioned the crown prince. president trump according to garrett tenney's reporting earlier that the president is possibly going to speak to the crown prince this evening or tomorrow. i mean, if president trump says to him, what happened, how were you involved, were you involved, tell me everything you know. really i need you to fess up. can the president really rely on the crown prince being forthright? >> well, i think the president can certainly say that. i think he said that to king salman in their conversation. i think what he might also say to the crown prince is that a month is far too long for you to be investigating what looks like a killing on foreign soil and also because mohammed bin salman himself is under suspicion, that's kind of like asking the
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guy who was suspected of committing a crime to investigate it himself. so there needs to be an independent inquiry. the longer this goes on, and frankly the more that we look at the saudi narrative which doesn't appear to be at all consistent with the truth, there's going to be more i think intense pressure for an independent investigation. i think the president may do well to highlight that as well. arthel: what level of punishment does this warrant? >> well, i think senator cardin had a good point. look, this president has met this year with north korea's kim jong-un and with vladimir putin, held summits with each of them, so there's no question that our country has interests. saudi arabia contrast with north korea and russia is a strategic partner in the middle east. we have extraordinary high value counterterrorism collaboration and new global counterextremism center which was opened in riyadh in 2017 which we're
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working together. some things need to be immune from any kind of punishment for this killing. there's going to be pressure to do something. we should. it was a human rights violation. arthel: yeah. daniel, they are telling me to go. but does this make a new mold in terms of how the u.s. handles human rights violations? >> not yet. there's going to be a lot of debate in our congress, bipartisan support for taking strong action and i think our administration will need to be out front threading the needle with appropriate measures while at the same time maintaining the strategic relationship with saudi arabia. that's the challenge, but hey, those are the tough challenges you get when you're leelected president of the united states of america. arthel: we leave it there. first of all, you are wearing a tuxedo. where are you going? >>i'm going to an oss dinner where the director of cia will be given an award she justly deserves. it is an honor for me to be there. i will tell you about it afterwards. arthel: enjoy your evening.
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>> thank you. eric: democrats, have you heard about this, they are raising a mountain of cash as they set their sights on gaining control of congress. but will 1 billion dollars be enough for that blue wave in november? we will take a look. plus deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is heading to capitol hill next week. the questions he will face and the possible fallout. >> i can tell you that based on the information that i have learned over the last week, i think it's -- [inaudible] -- that rod rosenstein resign. one third of our classic crust is made with cauliflower but that's not stopping anyone o, that's good! pins and needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet... ...grew up the youngest of three kids... ...raised a good sport... ...and became a second-generation firefighter. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer.
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arthel: alaska governor bill walker drops a political bombshell suspending his bid for reelection. the former republican turned independent governor was facing an uphill battle with weak support in a race against two other candidates. governor walker throwing his support behind former senator, the democrat. the republican has been leading in the polls. by the way, early voting starts monday. eric? eric: arthel, democrats are raising a record amount of money for the midterm elections, collecting they say more than 1 billion dollars in donations across the country. this is of course as they are
2:18 pm
battling to regain control of congress. in the latest poll shows democrats with a 5 point lead nationally, over the republicans in the up coming midterms, now just 17 days away. can they flip the house? doug schoen is a former pollster and political aide for president bill clinton and fox news contributor. so doug, do you think the big bucks will translate to winning at the polls? >> well, i don't think there's the one to one correlation or direct relationship some might think. you need a lot of money in politics, and god knows the democrats have it, but the republicans have a lot too. and at a certain point in time, it tends to cancel itself out. eric: doesn't some would argue the donations, the contributions, especially in small amounts, that reflects an enthusiasm by the democrats? >> there is more enthusiasm for the democrats, but eric, with the kavanaugh hearings, the republican districts and red states have mobilized so the enthusiasm gap not eliminated but narrowed. eric: also when they have a poll
2:19 pm
that says the democrats have 5% leading, but that's nationally, does that really reflect the actual reality because this is not a national race, this is a district by district race? >> it is a rough indicator at best. what we know from that is the blue wave many have talked about so far is not materializing. i think the democrats today would win the house very narrowly, but the 50, 40, even 35 seat predictions i think are probably high. eric: what do you think they will get? >> 25 to 30 right now, somewhere in the middle of that range. eric: you feel now that they will grab the house in november? >> i think there are. there are a lot of open seats, a lot of districts that hillary won that republicans have represented. and trump is below 45 in approval in a lot of polls, so i think it is the right time and the right environment for what i think will be a narrow democratic win. eric: what about some of these
2:20 pm
new stars, are they going to get extinguished? the polls show that o'rourke is not crushing ted cruz? >> no, he's behind. there's the talk with all the money he's raised, that he will lose and may move to the presidential race. i don't think that will happen, but most people now are considering that he's effectively unlikely to win. eric: a few more weeks to go. meanwhile speaking of the presidential race, joe biden and president trump were in nevada today. here's joe biden taking on the issue of immigration. >> whether you came here four days ago or you came here 150 years ago, that's who we are. you cannot define an american based on their race, their religion, their ethnicity, you cannot do it. the only country in the world it
2:21 pm
is based on an idea, the american idea, basic fundamental decency and it's be being shredded right now. eric: the former vice president campaigning for a congresswoman. >> the polls show biden has 20 point lead in the primaries. he's beating donald trump in the head-to-head, though it is very early, but i think it is fair to say that biden is the odds-on favorite for the nomination. eric: what about those who say he's too old or the far left democrats that we are seeing emerge? >> couple of things, first, too old? donald trump is old. hillary relatively old, bernie sanders, about the same age. elizabeth warren, the same age. and speaking of warren and sanders, they're both at this point competing for the nomination and given the advantage that biden has and the fact that there are many voters who are going to be up for grabs among the many progressive candidates, i think biden has
2:22 pm
got a pretty good position, not impregnable but a pretty good one. eric: the president gave the former vice president two nicknames maybe an indication he feels he could be a threat? here's what he said about the former vice president. >> joe biden we call him 1 percent joe because he ran at least twice, i think three times, they say twice, i think he ran three times. and he never had more than 1%. so we call him 1% joe, and then remember what happened? and then obama came along and took him off of the -- [inaudible] -- eric: that's vintage president trump, sleepy joe 1%. we've seen candidates before way in the back and emerge as the nominee. look at john mccain and bill clinton. >> this says to me that president trump is taking the guy he calls sleepy joe very seriously. i take him seriously.
2:23 pm
i think having been vice president gives him a level of credibility, and that speech for the democratic audience is very very compelling. i will make one more point, notice he didn't differentiate between people here four days or 150 years, indicating that not only legal immigration but potentially illegal immigration will be on the table in this campaign. eric: doug, good to see you as always. >> thank you. eric: for all these years, thank you. >> thank you. arthel: with only about two weeks until voters head to the polls, listen up, a russian woman charged in the first case of interfering in the 2018 midterms. we will have those details just ahead. plus a caravan of central american migrants unsuccessfully tries to reach the u.s. president trump still firing up republican voters over immigration. our live report up next. >> democrat immigration policies allow poisonous drugs and ms 13
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plan from humana could save you money. there is no obligation and the book is free. arthel: an update on the migrant caravan made of thousands of people from honduras trying to make to it the u.s. many now being held up at the mexico border. president trump has been keeping a close eye on their progress, turning the issue into a political lightning rod. we have fox team coverage on this with peter doocy who is in nevada where the president held a campaign rally earlier today, but first we're going to go to claudia cowan in los angeles to tell us what is the latest with the caravan. i understand that thousands of the migrants are back in honduras; right? >> well, they could be heading in that direction, arthel. that's right, eight days after it started, this caravan does appear to be breaking up with some of the migrants heading back to honduras but others
2:29 pm
pressing on to mexico. some of those who made it to guatemala began boarding buss to turn around and go home giving up their dream of making to it the united states. the presidents of both guatemala and honduras held a news conference to say as many as 2500 people were turning around. but others are determined to continue, despite president trump's threats of retaliation and no matter the risk, scores of men, women and children went around and under a bridge where the border fence is, making their way by raft or rope across the muddy river into mexico. now, that bridge has seen a lot of tension. some migrants rushed the border fence and broke it down. mexican security forces with riot shields and pepper spray drove them back and a night long stand off ensued. mexican authorities are now letting groups of about 45 migrants to be processed at the border and are giving some people 45 day visitors permits, which in theory could allow them time to reach the u.s. border. at a campaign rally in nevada, president trump vowed to take
2:30 pm
swift action if that happens. >> you have some very very bad people in the caravan. you have some very tough criminal elements within the caravan. but i will seal off the border before they come into this country, and i will bring out our military, not our reserves. i will bring out our military. >> and it may come to that because it appears none of those people who crossed the river there today were detained, despite the presence of hundreds of police who were lining that bridge. arthel? arthel: the honduran president said that some 2,000 members of this caravan have returned home to honduras. so that update. claudia cowan, thank you very much. eric: the caravan and issue of immigration was a major part of the president's rally that he held in nevada. he held that rally for republican senator dean heller who is facing democratic congressman jackie rosen. the president focused heavily on
2:31 pm
immigration. >> democrats believe a legal border crossers should be set free immediately -- illegal border crossers should be set free immediately. republicans believe illegal border crossers have to be brought back home immediately. democrats believe our country should be a sanctuary for criminal aliens. republicans believe our country should be a sanctuary for law-abiding people. eric: peter doocy has been reporting on that rally afternoon and continues to be there now. >> senator dean heller the only republican incumbent trying to get re-elected in a state that hilary clinton carried. while president trump was here, he tried to talk the crowd of thousands into taking a detour on their way home to a polling place on this, the first day of early voting. >> vote ideally today.
2:32 pm
how about raising your right hand, you promise you will leave this site and go cast your vote right now. get out there. you have early voting and you can go out and do it today and that way you don't have to wait. >> the president talked about immigration policy here like a local issue accusing democratic leaders in d.c. of favoring open borders and even encouraging the caravan of central american migrants making their way to the southern border right now. he refers to the democrat in this senate race, congresswoman jackie rosen as whacky jackie who debated heller last night and accused him of being a rubber stamp for trump. but heller says that's just a talking point and he's taking full advantage of the president's visit. >> president, he knows a little bit about gold. in fact i think everything he touched turns to gold.
2:33 pm
[applause] >> the mines here and next door at eureka county produce more gold here than anywhere else in the country. welcome to gold country. [cheers and applause] >> i just asked senator heller after the rally if he's concerned at all about republican enthusiasm in this state waning now that the kavanaugh confirmation process is done, and he said no, not concerned about that because the enthusiasm carried until at least today, the first day that people can vote. eric? eric: thank you. arthel: for more on this we will bring in washington examiner political reporter al weaver. you know the latest update is that you have got like some 2,000 migrants back at home in honduras. does this change things? can president still use the caravan as a rallying crowd to get his base and republican voters to the polls? >> it obviously depends on how long the caravan actually lasts.
2:34 pm
the report obviously mentioned earlier that some people are returning to honduras after they couldn't get through to mexico. i think this is an issue that the president will harp on in the last 2 1/2 weeks. president trump in 2016, he started off his presidential campaigns and it was kind of a shock and awe when he made the comments about illegal immigration in his opening speech. that spurred on the discussion throughout the 2016 cycle and propelled him to the nomination and ultimately to the presidency. it is an issue that he cares about. it is an issue that he wants to talk about. he's more than willing to talk about. obviously, you know, this is going to be an issue i think you will hear from in the next couple of weeks ahead of election day. arthel: let's see what the vast majority people care about in terms of the issues. the latest fox news poll, the first one, 2018 congressional elections, extremely important to vote, healthcare 58%. economy, 54%. president trump, 51%. and immigration, last at 46%.
2:35 pm
and then a second poll that i have for you here, what should happen to illegal immigrants working in the u.s.? legalize them say 70% of those polled and deport them according to 22%. so, you know, if stopping illegal immigration is a campaign promise that you mentioned that the president vows to carry out, even if it means the president saying now, it means putting the military, not just the national guard at the border, but getting these poll results, in mexico, president nieto's success today. should the president work more closely with mexico and with honduras to stop the illegal flow before it starts and perhaps less focus to build a wall? >>i'm not sure. that's a decision the president will have to make. you mentioned the wall. that's something he's obviously mentioned a lot in the past couple of years. it's something he hasn't gotten done. he always talks about his campaign promises but the big one he hasn't gotten done is the wall. i think you will continue to
2:36 pm
hear him talking about that, how they haven't gotten it, pushing for more spending before the next spending bill must pass, pushing for another 5 billion in this package. i think it is something you will continue to hear. whether he does that with mexico or not, i'm not sure. i think it is something he will continue to talk about regardless of the circumstances. arthel: in his full-court press leading up to the midterms in a few weeks, what issues do you think the president will press other than immigration out there on the campaign trail? will he actually, the president just maybe just tout all the positives about those candidates that he's backing? or will he talk about the economy and his jobs production? >> well i think it will be a combination of both of those. i think number one is the economy. it is the issue the republicans want to really run on more than any other issue ahead of this election. they have talked for months ago record unemployment rate at this point. it's the lowest in 40 some years. they want to talk about all the
2:37 pm
new jobs that the president and the administration have created, at least under their watch. they want to focus on economic issues, the tax bill that passed last december. that's something else that's really been tough for them to sell to a degree, but it is something you will continue to hear about. also you mentioned what candidates are doing. a lot of -- a big part of that for president trump is have they sided with him on issues? a lot of these republicans, they are not going to cross them at this point. they weren't going to cross him throughout the year. too important in their reelection. you see what happened for example to jeff flake. he couldn't get into the primary, probably wouldn't have won a primary battle if it weren't for the president. so yeah, i think those are the main things you will here. you mentioned earlier about polling numbers. the one thing republicans has had an issue is getting enthusiasm in their base. immigration can boost republican
2:38 pm
turnout as opposed to to independents and democrats, that they are looking to cross over. arthel: we will leave it there. thank you. >> thanks. eric: the russians are trying to interfere with our election. authorities have brought the first case of alleged midterm influence. the suspect a russian woman becomes the fist to be charged with attempted -- the first to be charged with attempted interference in the 2018 miss terms. >> in court documents unsealed by the justice department, they show a criminal complaint filed against a russian woman who prosecutors say was part of a conspiracy to use social media to interfere. she worked for the same social media troll farm that was indicted by special counsel robert mueller earlier this year. a statement reads in part, quote, the strategic goal of this alleged conspiracy which continues to this day is to sow discord in the u.s. political system and undermine faith in our democratic institutions. the department of homeland security, though, insists moving
2:39 pm
forward the outlook is rosier for the up coming midterms in 2020. they do admit the challenge is far from over. >> we continue to see russians and increasingly iranian and other actors continue to use social media to influence the american public, to sow discord and increase divisiveness. that's something that is probably just a tool of the trade for them right now. we continue to see that activity. >> meanwhile robert mueller's beat goes on. his team's investigation into the 2016 election faces a critical week ahead. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein slated to testify in a closed-door session. and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle want in on that hearing. >> i'd like it to be more open. i would like it to be more transparptd because a lot of people have questions -- transparent because a lot of people have questions. >> the idea it will happen with just two members from the republican party and democratic party in a classified setting which means one thing the american people will never know what was said.
2:40 pm
that's completely unacceptable. >> today national security advisor meets with sergey lavrov. the big-ticket item on his agenda, a 30-year-old nuclear treaty that bolton wants eliminated. eric: thank you very much. arthel: ahead what to expect from deputy attorney general rosenstein's long-waited testimony on capitol hill. alright, i brought in ensure max protein... give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. [grunting noise] i'll take that. 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors. and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. hi.i just wanted to tell you thdependability award for its midsize car-the chevy malibu. i forgot. chevy also won a j.d. power dependability award
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so i know if i'm getting a great price. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. eric: deputy attorney general rosenstein is set to be interviewed next week by members of two house committees. he will likely be asked about last month's new york times report claiming he considered wearing a wire to secretly record president trump. justice department officials say he was being sarcastic. rosenstein has for himself denied that claim. but some on capitol hill, well, they are not buying it. >> without making specific comments on what went on in the room, i can tell you that i take them seriously, and based on multiple conversations that
quote quote
2:45 pm
we've had, it is apparent that deputy attorney general rod rosenstein did intend to at one point take the president of the united states -- tape the president of the united states and that's troubling. eric: senior political reporter and federal politics editor at the center for public integrity is joining us now. what do you think could be accomplished by rosenstein testifying? i mean he will probably say he was joking as we have been told that he was saying like, what do you want me to wire the president? or could he be confronted with what others say is that he was being completely serious? >> if you believe what he's said so far, he's going to say i did not do that at all. these are erroneous reports. put that aside. what we have coming up this week is an opportunity for at least some members of congress some answers to their questions about what he has done, how the
2:46 pm
mueller investigation that he is overseeing is going forward. donald trump has been very critical of rod rosenstein at points, more lately. he had him on air force one. he's talked to him. they almost left that conversation feeling like they were friends. so i think what you are going to have is some congressmen trying to get some answers, both on the republican and the democratic side to where this is all headed especially with a few weeks before the election of course. eric: that's a very important point, people focusing on the wire and the 25th amendment, but the major issue has to deal with the mueller investigation, what it's doing and his oversight of some of the fisa applications. >> absolutely. this has been such an under wraps investigation. robert mueller has said almost nothing going forward. but really on capitol hill, there's some mention, a congressman from north carolina is outraged at the fact that rod rosenstein had a sit-down interview with the "wall street journal" just a few days ago and has not testified in any way
2:47 pm
shape or form at least at this point before congress. he and some of his colleagues on the republican side they don't want him behind doors closed congressional interview is what is likely going to happen this week. they want a full-blown congressional testimony and say that's part of congress's oversight responsibility. that isn't going to happen. but that's also not going to tamp down some of the acrimony that we see on capitol hill among some camps who want to have a little more theater to it. eric: in fact, some in the house are criticizing that only top two members of the committee on both sides, the chairman and ranking member, the democrat and the republican, questioning behind closed doors in a classified setting. we may not find out anything about this. >> we may not find out anything. you will have a column of east coast congressmen going up and down the coast. they say they are going to have a transcript. that is going to be shared
2:48 pm
internally with some other members, but the public, no, we may not know a word of what was said and also too that the testimony and the transcript that's created is going to be scrubbed for anything that might compromise the investigation that's going forward. so that's an element to include here as well. eric: do you think one of the most important questions they can ask is mr. rosenstein what went into the fisa application the fourth one you signed on carter page? were you told, the document, the memo, the christopher steele memo, was that included? did you know anyone included that the dnc and the hilary clinton campaign paid for that? this came from that law firm? i mean, do you think these are the questions that he will be asked, or do you think they will go off these other subjects? >> what we know at least at this point that there is no-holds barred here. no questions that are off the table. if any of the four congressmen who will be in that room want to ask a question along the lines of what you described or for that matter anything else, it is pretty much fair game.
2:49 pm
eric: fair game, but we won't know. >> unless it leaks out or somebody talks. one political consideration here too is that hey look if the republicans lose the house and democrats take over the house in january, the republicans are not in the driver's seat for any of this type of activity, whether it's closed door conversations, whether it's public oversight hearings of any sort, the democrats would be in control too. so the clock is ticking and really if they want to find out anything, they have to do it now. eric: let's say the democrats take the house, would they have the power to release what rosenstein says under oath in this meeting, even though it's behind closed doors? >> they would have the power to do a whole lot of things including subpoena power which republicans have right now and could potentially if rod rosenstein didn't want to testify in any sort could subpoena him. the democrats would have that power that the republicans do have now, and that's a big power to have. eric: sounds like it could be a
2:50 pm
major issue and it will be. david leventhal, thank you very much for your insight. >> my pleasure. arthel: $2 and a dream, lottery fever sweeping the nation with billions in the combined jackpot. what are your odds of winning? (whispers) with the capital one venture card... you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day... not just "airline purchases." (loud) holy moley that's a lot of miles!!! shhhhh! what's in your wallet? - shhhhh! -
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arthel: we are now spelling mega millions with a b as in billion. there are no winners in last night's drawing. making next week's 1.6 billion dollars jackpot the largest lottery prize in u.s. history. we are live in new york city with all the fun details. hi, jackie. >> hey, arthel. despite all of the excitement, you are still more likely to be drafted by the nba, be eaten alive by flesh-eating bacteria or achieve sainthood, but hey, what's 2 bucks for a shot at a new life. the winning numbers last night, 15, 23, 53, 65 and 70 with a megaball of 7. no winners means the prize gets rolled over for a 25th time since july. the jackpot reaches a record high of 1.6 billion dollars. but any way you slice it, the odds of winning are overwhelmingly not in your favor. whether you buy one ticket or 100. the lottery actually manipulated the numbers last year, lessening
2:55 pm
the odds of winning but allowing the jackpot to reach record highs. the theory that bigger jackpots would draw more attention lead to more tickets sold. the chances of winning dropped from 1 in 259 million, to 1 in 302.5 million. it hasn't stopped people from playing. >> if you don't get a chance, so you have to play somehow. you have to. >> i never play so i thought well why not. i mean, if i can buy a candy bar, i can buy a ticket. >> even if you're lucky enough to win, you will be sharing that prize with uncle sam. if you take the cash paver sus installments -- pay versus installments over the years. you lose 37% in federal income tax bringing the number to 569 million. that's all before you get hit with the state tax. the highest state taxes are in new york at 8.82%. the drawing for that mega ball jackpot is next tuesday. but the powerball, that is tonight. that jackpot though is a measly
2:56 pm
470 million. arthel? arthel: that's all? okay, jackie, thank you. [laughter] >> that's all. arthel: so i'm just saying i want it all at one time. eric: i'm going to hit the 7-eleven, the piggly wiggly and then i'm going to the gas station. arthel: the piggly wiggly has been closed for about 30 years. [laughter] eric: we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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3:00 pm
than 800 feet before deploying their parachutes. it is the only time of the year that it is illegal to jump off the bridge. it is the state's largest one-day festival. eric: look at that. wow. a major correction. arthel: i stand corrected. eric: there is piggly wiggly. arthel: there's one across the river. eric: 530 stores in 17 states. good luck for anyone in the lottery. president trump caps off his three state tour in nevada today hoping to build support for several g.o.p. candidates in the midterm races. good evening i'm jon scott. this is the fox report. the president attending the rally at the regional airport this afternoon campaigning for nevada senator dean heller running in a tight race with democrat jackie rosen. this after he rallied support for arizona and matt rosendale in montana. today trump again blasting democrats saying the party has become a quote


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